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In Memoriam

Honoring those who've gone before us.

In Memoriam


Elton Hansen

Elton Hansen

Elton L. Hansen of Bartley, Ne. died unexpectedly at his home in February 2015. He was born on March 20, 1965 in North Platte, Ne. where he grew up. He was graduated from North Platte High School in 1983.

Elton was a lover of music, both country and rock and roll. He taught himself to play the guitar and wrote and sang his own songs, as well as his favorites from a wide variety of musicians. He dreamed of going to Nashville because, he said, some of his songs “were pretty good,” and they were. He also had a fondness for dogs, particularly coon dogs, and liked to tramp around in the middle of the night chasing critters. He delighted in the showmanship of professional wrestling (even if it was fake).

He was an unusual mix of outgoing and reclusive, enjoying “conversating” (as he jokingly called it) with people, telling a good story, and “entertaining” his cousins’ children, who found in him a companionable adult. He loved his sister, Jean, as he could, and she will miss hearing him say, “Oh, come on now….” Yet, he chose solitude, and spent most of his time alone (other than the wild turkeys, coyotes, occasional bobcat and even the rattle snakes that showed up in his yard).

Sadly, he faced many challenges early in life and coped by ignoring that which was difficult to change or correct, convincing himself, and others too, that “it’s not that bad.”

Elton is survived by his sister, the Rev. Jean M. Hansen of Akron, Ohio; his aunt, Ruth Bunting Hobbs of Hebron, Ne. and cousins. He was preceded in death by his parents, Larry and Evelyn Hansen and brother, Frantz W. Hansen of North Platte.

A graveside service was held on Thursday, June 4, 2015 at the North Platte Cemetery.

His sister expresses sincere gratitude to all those who showed concern for Elton over the years, and especially in recent months. She particularly thanks those who assisted on the day his death was discovered, knowing how challenging it was to provide final care for him. A special thank you is offered to mail carrier Tom Davidson for his compassion and for going the extra mile.